The band formed in 2008 on initiative of keyboardist Emanuele Telli, guitarist Stefano Avigliana, bassist
Ettore Mazzarini and drummer Massimo Moscatelli discovering to have great musicmanship among them
and with this line-up they composed the first work entitled “Complesso K” – an four part suite with an intro
which will remain unreleased until several years later. In need of a second keyboardist to enrich their music
style Dariush Hakim joined the band a year later and since then he has also taken charge of all the sound
engineering of the band.

As a quintet now the band began to compose and record their first official album entitled “Perigeo” which
was self-produced and initially released in July 2012. Several months later the band was enthusiatically
noted by Lizard Records and so the album was re-realeased again under their label earning remarkable
success especially among progressive rock listeners and recieving many positive reviews.

Following the release of “Perigeo” the band immediately began composing new tracks and at the same
time picked up “Complesso K” with the intention to release it as an album but first decided to freshen it up
with new drum tracks, a new intro and a complete remix from scratch. Again Lizard Records was very
enthusiastic with the final result and the album was officially released in 2013 as “Complesso K MMXIII”
recieving remarkable success just as “Perigeo” a year earlier.

The new “Apofenia” album they have just released is the result of a 7 year work that inherits both former
intrumental albums but with the introduction of new elements and sounds that bring their music to a
higher level. This album also features notable guest appearances like Alessandro Corvaglia, Jenny Sorrenti
and Jenna “Sharm” Holdway on vocals with the addition of Claudio Braccio and David Morucci on
saxophone and an entire choir… all of whom have significantely contributed to it’s enhancement.

Band Members

-DARIUSH HAKIM: Tastiera e effetti
-MASSIMO MOSCATELLI: Batteria e Percussioni